MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Some residents in Mount Pleasant are concerned about a proposed development along Highway 17.

The site is located between Home Depot and Christ Episcopal Church, which was built in 1726 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties.

Currently, a Spinx gas station and retail center are slated to be built.

Mayor Will Haynie was the only Town Council member to vote against the development, echoing the sentiment of many nearby residents who shared concerns on social media that the development could disturb the centuries-old church.

“I just think we can do better than putting a brightly-lit, busy gas station next to one of the most iconic buildings in our community, much less a place of worship,” Haynie said.

Councilman Gary Santos is more optimistic about the project, saying residents will benefit from the services that the development will bring. “It’s really gonna be a nice gas station,” Santos said. “And I’m not sure what the retail stores are gonna be yet, but hopefully, it complements the other retail stores in the area.”

Another reason Santos is behind the development- it’s already in motion. The area is in a commercial zone and plans for the center are already underway. Santos said the best way to make sure the project is done in a way that respects the nearby landmark is to work with the developers.

“You can’t change or stop somebody if it’s already zoned that way because what will happen is they’ll sue you, they’ll win, they’ll build it anyway. So the key is to work with the developer to make sure the things that he’s gone do fits in with the community,” Santos said.

It is unclear when construction on the project is set to begin.