MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Mount Pleasant town leaders have approved a 90-day pilot program for a new noise ordinance. Some restaurants in the area are voicing concerns about what the ordinance could do to their business.

Managers at The Shelter, a restaurant right across from Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant say that they have received multiple fines due to noise complaints from surrounding. Managers say even though this trial is not permanent they hope town leaders can come up with a solution that benefits everyone.

During the pilot program, police will track noise complaints by decibel levels measuring from the location the complaint was made to see whether the noise exceeds 55 decibels.

Mount Pleasant Councilmembers say this trial is more of a data-gathering mechanism to study how far and how loudly sound travels and to determine whether new permanent noise requirements should be put in place.

No one will be ticketed or fined during the trial period. Staci Loeffel, a Manager of The Shelter says she hopes town leaders will look at being more flexible with how loud live music can get as that is what brings in the majority of their business.

“I hope that the township and police can understand where we are coming from. Giving out these violations, if it does happen, is only going to hurt us more. It hurts bartenders, servers and business owners in the area. If we can’t have live music then we are going to drive away people,” says Loeffel.

Mount Pleasant Town Council says this trial will be effective starting May 1st.