MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum on Wednesday announced that they have partnered with Bulldog Tours to offer a new guided tour, beginning Labor Day Weekend.

Captain’s Tour: Exclusive Access and Insights to the Ship and Crew will give visitors access to areas that have been off-limits for more than a decade, such as the Captain’s Quarters and the fo’c’sle (anchor room).

Those on the tour will also be able to board a B-25 bomber aircraft.

B-25 bombers were instrumental in World War II, hand selected and modified for flight by the Doolittle Raiders, a squad of elite pilots tasked with bombing strategic locations within the Pacific Theater, just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Doolittle Raid marked the first US attack on Japan’s mainland, and began to turn the tide of the war, culminating in the Battle of Midway which put the US at a significant advantage.

The restored B-25 featured in the tour is a replica of those used during the Doolittle Raid. It has flown training missions in the US, but was not used in the raid.

Bulldog Tours owner John LaVerne explained that “the stories of heroism and bravery that are associated with the raid and this plane are a privilege to share.”

He continued, saying “The Yorktown has a great deal to teach South Carolina’s residents and visitors alike.”

To schedule a tour, click here.