Plans to build on former Piggly Wiggly lot are still unclear; residents concerned

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While the lot where Piggly Wiggly once stood has been wiped to leave a bare slate, residents want to know what will take it’s place.

Tonight, the auditorium was packed to the brim with residents and community officials at the West Ashley Revitalization Commission meeting.

Some individuals wanted restaurants added, a park or green area, but some didn’t want any development at all. Councilman Brantley Moody expressed the difficulty in pleasing everyone in the West Ashley area.

“They don’t like things where they are, but they don’t want them to change either.”

Brantley Moody
Charleston County Council

Jacob Lindsey, Director of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability for the City of Charleston, explained the multiple design ideas for the space to be utilized. A lot of factors went into each design including:

  • Parking and traffic issues
  • Financial opportunities to revitalize the area
  • Parks and/or green space
  • General look of the building’s facade

Lindsey made it clear that they took into consideration turning the area into a park, but the lack of financial opportunity would inhibit the surrounding area to grow. However, some people don’t want it to.

A West Ashley resident stood up at the end and said, “No to the urban. Keep it suburban. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is to see you all going after our private property rights.”

She was not the only resident urging the council to not build. Multiple people stood up expressing similar concerns for West Ashley facing too much urbanization.

Here’s what you need to know: they still haven’t made a decision. While they have plans written up on different ways to incorporate all of those factors that they believe would satisfy residents.

Regardless, a decision has to be made at some point.

Mayor John Tecklenburg spoke to the representatives from the City of Charleston and expressed his concerns that decisions need to be made soon.

“We got what we got. Now it’s time to move on to the next step to the next step to develop this site in a way that will benefit all of us.”

John J. Tecklenburg
Mayor of Charleston

To reiterate, there still has not been a solid decision made on what exactly will occupy Piggly Wiggly’s bare lot. Renderings have been drawn and shown to the public that allude to potential restaurants, community centers, office spaces, etc.

After listening to the residents’ concerns, they plan to take their words into consideration when making the next steps. We’ll be sure to let you know when they do.

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