CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Don’t let your pumpkins go to waste! Instead of tossing it in the trash join the Charleston regional effort to compost your pumpkins for free on Sunday at Ackerman Park!

Bring your clean pumpkins, big or small, carved or not, any age. Rotting jack-o-lanterns are great for smashing!

List: What is considered a “clean pumpkin”

  1. If you painted or glittered your pumpkin, use a veggie peeler and scrape that stuff off. It’s not compostable.
  2. If you burned a drippy candle, scrape out the wax. It’s not compostable either.

All ages are welcome, at your own risk. However, adult supervision is required for children under 18.

Safety glasses will be available, which are strongly recommended for all participants who would like to smash pumpkins and are required for all children under 18.

Smart Recycling is sponsoring the event and will be hauling all of the pumpkins to the Bees Ferry Compost Facility to be transformed into valuable compost for our local gardens and green spaces.

The event will be held at 55 Sycamore Avenue in Charleston on Nov. 19 from 12 – 4 p.m. No registration is required!

If you can’t make it that’s okay!

You can drop off your pumpkin at 14 designated locations at your convenience all fall. Learn more at