Registration deadline arrives for CCSD’s Virtual Academy

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CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The final day to register students for the Charleston County School District’s Virtual Academy has arrived.

This is one of three options parents can utilize for the new school year. Those options include in-person instruction, virtual learning, and temporary remote instruction.

Parents who do not register for virtual learning by Friday, August 14th, will be automatically enrolled in the temporary remote option.

The Charleston County School District’s Chief Academic Officer, Karolyn Belcher, said that parents who know they do not want any face-to-face instruction for their child this school year should choose the Virtual Academy option.

Parents who eventually want in-person learning, or who are simply unsure, should choose the temporary remote option.

If you choose the Virtual Academy and change your mind, kindergarten through 8th-grade students can decide on another option after nine weeks while high school students will commit for the semester.

“That way that’s a nice block where we can do a progress report – sum up the progress made to date – and make a transition, if it’s not been working well for a particular family, back into either temporary remote or if there’s room in the school, in-person instruction,” said Belcher.

One CCSD parent who chose virtual learning for her twin boys said she plans to connect with other families in the Virtual Academy to make the process easier.

“I know some people already who are doing the virtual option, so I want to get those parents together and try to come up with something creative so that we can get our kids together on a daily, maybe bi-weekly option,” said mom Shannon Moore. “Whichever house they go to, being outside and socially distanced, doing things like some kind of gym class.”

Right now, the Charleston County School District only plans to let 25% of students back into the classroom for in-person learning.

There is still no plan on how those students will be selected.

Another CCSD parent hopes her sixth-grade son ends up in the classroom because in-person learning is the option she prefers.

“Our plan is to really try to go in person and if we have to switch to virtual, luckily, we have the flexibility to do that,” said mom Jenne Sevilla. “Going back and forth is kind of the plan for now as opposed to doing the full virtual homeschooling for nine weeks.”

If you wish to enroll your student in CCSD’s Virtual Academy, please click here. Again, the final day to register for this option is Friday, August 14th, 2020.

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