CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A California woman was arrested October 5 at the Charleston International Airport after she allegedly transported two suitcases full of weed from California.

According to the report, law enforcement received a tip that someone may be carrying “a large quantity of narcotics” on an American Airlines connecting flight from Charlotte, after an employee noted that a large red suitcase “smelled like weed.”

One of the officers went over the the luggage area and noted “the aroma of marijuana coming from the bag.” He then requested a K-9 unit, which “positively alerted to the bag.”

The bag was sent to baggage claim, where officers observed Ashley Nguyen (27) pick up the bag in question as well as one other suitcase. Officers approached her and found out that she “flew into Charleston to meet with someone to give the suitcase to,” but said she didn’t know who she was meeting or where she was meeting them.

The suitcases both had combination locks on the zippers, and Nguyen said that she didn’t know the combinations. She gave officers permission to search the bags, and inside they found several vacuum-sealed plastic bags, most labeled with a red/white sticker reading “PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE – GLASS.”

The total weight of the bags from both suitcases was 40.2 pounds.

Nguyen was charged with trafficking marijuana and given a $150,000 bond. She is currently being held at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center.