Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – Black water, cockroaches, and rats are all issues residents at Joseph Floyd Manor say they deal with on a daily basis.

Residents gathered today and were joined by elected officials like Charleston City Council Member Robert Mitchell, calling on the city and county government to address and correct the safety hazards tenants are living with.

“This place is deplorable and the county redevelopment authority and commission need to come and step up to the plate and start getting something done with this building. I said years ago that this building should be demolished because it’s obsolete,” said Councilmember Mitchell.

Whether the tenant has lived in the building two years or ten Charles Edwards, a resident of Joseph Floyd Manor says everyone has struggled with bed bugs, drug dealers coming through and weapons being on the premises.

“I have a seventh-month-old daughter upstairs who is also getting the chance to live around the bugs, the filth, the waste, and whatever else is going on. I’m brand new to it but I do have a daughter up here,” Edwards said.

Those gathered today say it is more than a sanitary issue but an example of racial inequality and the lack of affordable housing.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about racial inequality and income inequality and dealing with these matters in the City of Charleston and as far as we are concerned Joseph Floyd Manor is the face of that.”

Residents say they have no where else to go and can’t afford to live anywhere else.