CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A partnership between the Charleston County School District and Roper Saint Francis has helped bring some relief to local parents who work directly with sick patients.

From six in the morning until six in the evening, the children of the front line caregivers of Roper Saint Francis will be able to receive care during the day while their parents work.

According to officials with the hospital and the school district, the program offers a different kind of care to students because of all the social distance regulations.

At the start of each day, children and staff members must have their temperature taken.

One classroom consists of one teacher and six children.

During the day, surfaces and playgrounds are regularly wiped clean.

One at a time, each class takes a turn playing outside.

Also, children are constantly reminded of social distance.

Officials say that they wanted to create a program to help those medical team members in our local hospitals who are trying to contain and control the virus in our community.

“There’s so much uncertainty with the pandemic and how long this will and how long our children will be out of school and we’re looking for ways to help our front line caregivers take care of our children so they can take care of our community,” says Melanie Stith, Vice President of Human Resources for Roper Saint Francis Healthcare.

Right now the pilot program, Operation Kid Care has about 27 students.

Officials say they will monitor the daycare over the next two weeks and decide later on if they can have more students.

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