NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Runners and walkers gathered Tuesday night to voice opposition to the proposed demolition of a track at a North Charleston recreation center.

The track at the Dany Jones Rec. Center is used by running clubs, joggers, power walkers, student athletes, and everyone in between. It’s scheduled to be demolished later this year, and despite plans for a massive update to city facilities, North Charleston has no plans to rebuild the track.

Concerned runners said that it is the only public track in the area, so it brings the community together. They questioned why millions of dollars are going towards other projects — some of which are much-needed — but little attention is being paid to loss that demolishing the track would cause the community.

Advocates plan to speak at a City Council meeting Thursday, as well as to present a petition with over 900 signatures in favor of saving the track.

News 2 reached out to the City of North Charleston for comment. We are awaiting a response.