CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Congressional candidate Dr. Annie Andrews (D) on Wednesday held a conversation about gun violence as the community navigates a recent scare at a children’s baseball game.

Players and coaches were caught on camera diving not for a home run, but for their lives Monday evening after dozens of shots rang out during a baseball game at a North Charleston park. Although the shots came from a nearby parking lot, the players — who were all around eight years old — and their parents were traumatized.

Andrews invited gun safety advocate Fred Guttenberg — who lost his daughter to gun violence during the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida — and Dr. Joseph Sakran — Vice Chair of Clinical Operations and an Associate Professor of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University, whose research focus is in gun violence prevention — to participate in the virtual conversation.

Guttenburg said that he fears a generation of children is growing up traumatized by gun violence. Those who survived the shooting at his daughter’s school still have nightmares, and he cautioned that the incident at the baseball game Monday night could have been worse, but will nonetheless leave scars on those who were there.

“This isn’t hypothetical; you all just lived through it,” he said. “Thank God nobody got hurt, but you know what, I saw the holes in a bunch of those cars… I heard the bullets. And those kids, now we’re gonna tell them, ‘hey, go back to the ball field and let’s go play again,’ and expect them to be okay? It doesn’t work that way.”

Dr. Sakran identified complacency as the enemy of preparedness. “None of us are immune,” he said, noting that one of the trauma surgeons in his hospital was recently shot on his way to work. While the surgeon is physically okay, Dr. Sakran noted that the emotional trauma is there to stay.

All three agreed that ultimately, getting guns off the streets is paramount to eliminating the public health crisis of gun violence.

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