CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The South Carolina House of Representatives on Wednesday released an alternative plan to the congressional redistricting map that further splits the state’s first congressional district.

The map cuts the upper peninsula, West Ashely, and North Charleston out of SC-01, designating those areas instead as part of Columbia-based SC-06, but adds areas towards McClellanville and Savannah.

Both proposals would break up SC-01 and move large parts of Charleston into SC-06, which Democrats like gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham say is clearly gerrymandering.

To put it in perspective, people living on King Street would be represented by different lawmakers than people living at the Battery. The same would be true for many North Charleston, West Ashley, and James Island residents.

Current SC-01 map via SC House

Currently, SC-01 consists of land along the coast from Beaufort to Georgetown, with an inland portion extending inward from Charleston to a portion of Berkeley County.

Cunningham calls the release of the alternative proposal three days before Christmas “unreal.” He said the map is “an insult to every voter in South Carolina, especially voters in Charleston County.”

The former SC-01 Representative has been vocal about the impact that the redistricting would have on his district, launching the “Keep Charleston Together” initiative to educate voters about how the new maps could impact their representation.

The SC House Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee is set to discuss the alternative proposal at 10:00 a.m. on December 29.