WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – Shadowmoss residents are calling for answers after an incomplete flood mitigation project was left untouched for months.

“You know I’m kind of tired of looking at this every day. In my bedroom in the morning, the first thing I wake up to and look outside and there’s this mud pit and this mess,” Michael Lepson said.

Lepson lives right across the street from the construction site on Wolk Drive. He and his neighbors were notified of the project in June, and it began shortly after. However, Lepson said construction crews left before Hurricane Ian in late September and haven’t returned since.

Now all that’s left is an orange safety fence, some uprooted trees, and a large pit of dirt.

“It’s a hazard, its unsightly. You know, there’s kids that come out here and play obviously they’re not going to be doing that in this mud pit,” Lepson said.

Neighbors are pushing for the project to be completed, and according to Charleston City officials, they are too.

“I live around the corner, and I see it too. I share their frustration. But it’s more important to get this right than get it done quickly,” said Charleston City Councilman Stephen Bowden, who represents District 10.

Bowden said the city is working with a private contractor on the project. The contractor is just a few weeks away from accruing damages for not finishing within the agreed-upon timeframe.

“We have negotiated protections in the contract to make sure that, you know, our tax dollars are being spent wisely. And that’s, you know, obviously of paramount concern here,” Bowden.

Bowden said he hopes the project will be wrapped up by the end of the year.

Once completed, the space will be used to store stormwater in the flood-prone neighborhood. News 2 is working to get in touch with the contractor.