NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – An 18-year-old boy was fatally shot at the Pinecrest Apartments Tuesday night and now residents are expressing concern about violence in their community.

The Charleston County Coroner identified the victim as Terrell Backman-Carter.

Backman-Carter played football for North Charleston High School. Head coach Devon Smalls paid tribute to Backman-Carter in a Facebook post, calling him “Mr. Reliable.”

The shooting took place around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday. Residents say they heard something that sounded like firecrackers.

“Sounds like firecrackers,” one resident who wanted to remain anonymous said. “That’s what it sounds like. You hear ‘pow, pow, pow, pow’. That’s all you hear. And I start thinking like, ‘that don’t sound like fireworks.’”

The resident said he heard the shots when he was leaving his apartment to get something to eat.

“I say somebody just got shot up or somebody shooting at somebody,” he said. “Next thing you know, you hear the police and all the firetrucks. When we were coming out to leave, they had this whole place, from right there, all that was blocked off. They had tape out here and everything.”

Police say Backman-Carter was found unresponsive behind the complex’s laundry building, near the swimming pool. This is a place residents say many people often hang out.

There have been several shootings in the Pinecrest Apartments neighborhood over the past few months.

“Ain’t no safe place out here for real,” one resident said. “You got to watch how you come outside sometimes, because if you don’t, like I said bullets ain’t got no name.”

The resident says the best thing he can do to remain safe is keep to himself.

“They don’t bother me,” he said. “They say hi, they say bye, that’s it. I get off from work, work 12-13 hours, walk back through here and that’s all.”

North Charleston Police says the situation is still under investigation and no arrests have been made at this time.