Sullivan’s Island addresses parking issues

Charleston County News

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – The Town of Sullivan’s Island is exploring ways to improve parking- or lack thereof- on the island.

On Friday morning, the Public Safety Committee met to discuss potential solutions.

Some possibilities include implementing paid parking and building a 30,000 square foot paid parking lot.

Andy Benke, Sullivan’s Island Town Administrator, said that the city has even brought in Stantec Engineering Inc. to analyze changes in traffic flow as well as the possibilities of adding perpendicular parking and more crosswalks.

The talks will continue at Monday’s town council meeting, as well as at the town council meeting on January 21.

Though solutions continue to be evaluated, the public’s desire for improved parking is clear:

I think parking could be improved. One time I came out here, I spent over an hour looking for parking and its kind of a joke in my opinion.”

Eddie Gubinski

Oh, there’s definitely not enough parking, it’s really hard like when my friends come to the beach it takes forever to find parking.”

Rachel Thornton

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