North Charleston, SC – A standard traffic stop turned into a chase, wreck, and search Tuesday morning.

An North Charleston Police Department officer attempted to make a traffic stop early Tuesday morning when the suspect sped up. Since the driver failed to stop for the officer, a pursuit was initiated, according to a department spokesperson.

The suspect attempted to exit on the Hwy 78 exit ramp off I26, but the driver’s car flipped into the trees.

After coming to rest, the driver crawled over the passenger in the car, exited through the window, and fled the scene. So far, the suspect has not been located. Officers are still actively searching for the suspect.

That passenger was trapped inside the vehicle.

Fire, rescue & EMS responded to the scene. The passenger was removed from the vehicle and transported to a local hospital in a category 2 condition.

No officer was injured or cruiser damaged.  SCHP responded and completed a collision report.