Treating Burns In a Busy Kitchen During Thanksgiving

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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – Tomorrow, families all over the Lowcountry will be sitting down to a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner.

For people cooking that meal, preparing it can be anything but relaxing and can often create a number of accidents.

Medical professions suggest keeping things like paper towels 3 feet away from the stove.

They call this “creating a three foot safe zone” in the kitchen.

Pots should never be left unattended, especially around small children.

Those pop handles need to be turned in to avoid being knocked over.

Doctors say they’ve seen people experience unpleasant burns from that kind of accident.

If an accident does happen–there are ways you can treat yourself at home.

“You want to keep the blister in tact we used to think that we should pop the blister but that’s your body’s own personal band aid if it does open keep it really clean and dry and sometimes you can even put antibiotic ointment on it,” says Kenneth Perry, the assistant medical facility director for Trident Emergency Department.

If you do get a burn, health professions say be mindful of the temperature of the water you use on the burn.

“We don’t suggest the temperature treatment in the sense that you get your hand too cold. If you put your burn under cool water that’s probably ok but nothing colder than that because it can certainly cause more damage,” says Perry.

Professionals say that you should seek medical attention if a blister looks larger than a quarter.

“Especially if you look at it and you say that should be painful and it’s not that could be something we take a look at,” says Perry.

Doctors say it’s most important to keep an eye on the burn following the accident.

“Burns can cause a functional problem if they’re over an elbow or a wrist they might even scar to the point where the use of that limb is less. That’s certainly something we want their primary care doctor or emergency care provider to see,” says Perry.

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