West Ashley neighborhood struggling with severe flooding

Charleston County News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A West Ashley neighborhood that is dealing with severe flooding has answers tonight about when they can expect help.

Douglass Avenue in the Air Harbor neighborhood has drainage issues that have residents feeling worried during storms.

“The anxiety of watching the water getting closer and closer and closer and the rain keep coming down. You’re like ‘Oh no is this gonna be the time that it comes into the house,'” said Medina.

Medina says that cars have crashed in ditches during floods. His main concern is property damage if the flood water gets too high.

The City of Charleston and the Charleston County are working together to help the flooding problems.

Charleston County telling News 2 that they have a long term project planned with the City of Charleston to improve drainage in Air Harbor

But the issues are not a quick fix. The City of Charleston’s Director for Stormwater Management, Matthew Fountain, says that Douglass Avenue and everything around it needs work.

“The water’s got to go into a marsh, its got to go into a major canal system, in this case it’s probably the marsh so those improvements all the way down the marsh have to happen not just the pipe,” said Fountain.

State Senator Sandy Senn, who heads a food task force, says that a drainage pipe on the street needs to be enlarged to drain more water.

“But that you’re talking about lots and lots of money. So that’s something that they would probably have to budget over maybe 3 or 4 years. It’s not a quick fix,” said Senn

Fountain says that short term projects can be fixed in a matter of months, but longer term phases will take up to five years to complete.

A solution would put Medina and his neighbors at ease.

“Yeah I’d be happy, I’d be relieved and I think a lot of the people here would be relieved,” said Medina.

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