CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration (BEVR) is working to ensure every eligible voter in South Carolina is registered and has up-to-date information ahead of the June primary.

The county BEVR sent out over 290,000 informational postcards to every registered voter in Charleston County because of recent redistricting in the state.

“This was just to make sure you had the information as you head to the polls this year,” said Isaac Cramer, the Executive Director for the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

If you did not receive one, you need to check the status of your voter registration.

“If you have not received your postcard yet, there are two things for why that could have been,” said Cramer, “One, you’ve moved and you need to update your voter registration address. The other way you may not have received a postcard is if you’re not registered to vote.”

Cramer says if you have not received a card, go to and either update your address or register to vote. You can also call the Charleston County elections office at (843) 744-8683.

You must be registered to vote 30 days prior to election day.

The BEVR also wants to make sure voters are aware of a change that affects the Charleston County School Board elections. Due to recent legislation, Charleston County School District offices will be voted on and elected by district.

Previously, Charleston County voters would be able to vote for all open school district seats, but now voters will only vote for one candidate for their specific district.

“That is a big change,” said Cramer. That’s why we want voters to see this postcard. On the back, we have a little blurb about the school board change. Most voters aren’t aware that change happened.”

News 2 reached out to a first-time candidate running for the CCSD school board to see how this change will affect his campaign.

“What it does is it gives us the ability to campaign directly in a concentrated area, but I also think it’s important for those running for the board to have a global view, so to speak, countywide, because what we have to do for this agency, this entity, is make it work for all of Charleston County,” said Lee Runyon, a District 6 school board candidate.

Runyon believes the change to single-member districts will have a positive effect.

“I think what the legislative delegation did was a tremendous step towards giving non-partisan races the opportunity to really have true local impact,” he said.

The primary election in South Carolina is on June 14th. All voters are encouraged to check the status of their voter registration on There, you can check your polling location and see a sample ballot.

“We want you to be vote ready,” said Cramer.