CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County School District’s (CCSD) Acceleration Schools Learning Community on Tuesday announced a three-pronged educator compensation opportunity for seven of its highest-need schools.

According to the district, the Acceleration Schools Learning Community is a “comprehensive, multi-year school effort with a focus on serving some of Charleston’s most vulnerable schools and students.”

Opportunities include a whole school performance award, awards for signing-on, staying, and attendance, and the Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Chicora Elementary, Hunley Park Elementary, Julian Mitchell Elementary, North Charleston Elementary, Pepperhill Elementary, Stono Park Elementary, and W.B. Goodwin Elementary are among the seven schools participating in all three opportunities for the pilot year.

These schools, according to the district, support the academic, social, and cultural needs of students and work alongside families and communities to support the whole child, ensuring that each student has access to a world-class educational experience.

District leaders say the ‘Excellence in Teaching Awards’ component is an innovative collaboration with Meeting Street Schools and funded philanthropically at zero cost to CCSD.

They said Meeting Street Schools has been implementing the initiative at its four campuses throughout the state over the past two years.

“CCSD is grateful to have a collaborative partner like Meeting Street Schools,” said CCSD Board Chairman Eric Mack. “They are not just a philanthropic partner; they roll up their sleeves to help with the work, provide life-changing college scholarships, and they are now helping us take on one of the most challenging issues in education today: educator retention and compensation opportunities for those who work in the highest-need schools.”