CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County wants to hear from you about preliminary alternatives for Main Road where it meets Highway 17. The county wants to improve the intersection to make it safer for bicyclists, as well as find a way to alleviate flooding concerns.

Right now, Charleston County is considering seven different project design alternatives, and they’re all based on current traffic needs, which are to ease congestion and improve traffic flow. 

The count is currently focused on ‘Section A’ which is focusing on widening Main Road from Bees Ferry all the way to the intersection of River and Chism. The plan also includes connecting the West Ashley Greenway to the Bees Ferry multi-use path, which would run along the perimeter of the entire project. 

Right now, the county wants your input on the seven proposed alternatives. 

“So as part of the need for process, a major factor is public input and so we do need for the public to look at these alternatives to provide feedback so that will help us in how we proceed with the project and which alternative,” Devri Detoma, Construction Project Manager said. “That does play a role into picking the alternative.”

The $195-million dollar project is split into three phases. ‘Section A’ will cost taxpayers $90 to $100-million dollars.

“First of all, it is sales tax money. The public is paying for it, so, the public’s opinion should matter and does matter,” said Detoma. 

Monday night’s meeting gets underway at six p.m. at Saint John’s High School. If you cannot make Monday night’s meeting, you can still weigh in on the plans on the county’s website. To do so, click here: