CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Two Charleston mayoral candidates are heading back to the debate stage for a special run-off debate on News 2.

This comes as early voting for three Charleston-area run-off elections began Wednesday, and with only days until the Nov. 21 election, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding Thursday night’s debate.

It’s a vital match-up for the two candidates, incumbent John Tecklenburg and challenger William Cogswell; this is one of their final chances to make their case as to why voters should select their name on the ballot.

Keep in mind, Tecklenburg and Cogswell both came out of the last election each with a large pool of voters. Cogswell had 36% of votes while Tecklenburg was right behind with 32%.

Still, that leaves a large margin, roughly a third, who didn’t choose either candidate in the first election and now they’ll have to choose a side if they vote in the runoff.

Both candidates are aware of this heading into tonight’s debate, how they perform on this debate stage can have an impact on where voters stand.

Ahead of Thursday night’s debate, News 2 heard from each candidate on their thoughts heading into this tight run-off.

“I’m feeling great about the campaign this morning because I’ve been talking to so many people; our own supports but also new supporters from some of the candidates who are no longer in the race,” said Incumbent John Tecklenburg.

“I want to bring new supporters in, we’re talking to the other candidates hoping that them and their supporters will come in our direction because we really want this to be a campaign about all of Charleston,” said Challenger William Cogswell.

Both candidates are working to gain those votes as months of campaigning from each have come down to their final days. The run-off election will take place on Tuesday, November 21st.

Thursday night’s debate will begin at 8:00 p.m. on News 2, followed by a post-debate analysis with the candidates immediately following at