JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – The event was held at Martin’s Bar-B-Que, and it was hosted by Charleston Moves as part of their Mobility Month celebration.

Local leaders are informing neighbors on the latest details of the Rethink Folly Road Plan.

“It’s just a way to get James Islanders and Folly Beach folks,” Katie Zimmerman, executive director of Charleston Moves, said, “and anybody else who is interested, together to have a check-in; see where we are on the Rethink Folly Road Plan.”

Zimmerman serves on the Rethink Folly Road Steering Committee. She says the plan is a framework based on what neighbors want Folly Road to become.

“As far as access for multiple modes of transportation and recreation,” she said, “better stormwater absorption and resilience practices. Also, just better efficiency.”

At Wednesday’s event, leaders asked neighbors for more feedback as they continue developing plans for the roadway.

“Hearing from so many different types of people,” Zimmerman said, “so many different ages, so many different backgrounds, so many different desires about what they want to see. So, having all of that input is really helpful.”

James Island resident Charles Wilson was eager to share this input.

“I’m probably impacted more by the Rethink Folly Plan than most people because my property,” Wilson said, “where I live, and a great community planned development that I have is on Folly Road.”

Wilson hopes the plan plays a major role in bringing the island community closer together.

“Having a multiuse path and more accessibility,” he said, “more walkability, more safety on the island is really important.”

And leaders seem to agree.

“We want this to work for the community and be enjoyable and be a safe, happy spot that people want to go to rather than through,” Zimmerman said.

The Rethink Folly Road Plan was approved in 2016, and leaders hope construction will begin later this year.