CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Charleston City Councilman Karl Brady and one of his constituents are in favor of a light pollution ordinance for Charleston.

“It kind of struck me that we don’t have anything on that on the visible light end of the spectrum,” said Councilman Brady.

Light pollution is when outdoor lights aren’t used efficiently. Then the lights can have a negative impact on the atmosphere, wildlife and humans.

Neighbor Tom Berta first reached out to Councilman Brady about the ordinance.

“Our light pollution in Charleston has gotten way out of control,” said Berta. “This needs to be corrected. As we have here in this shopping center we have shielded lighting. The International Dark Skies Association promotes that and also to have all lighting to go down instead of up.”

The proposed law would phase in new street and sidewalk lights that are like the ones Berta is in favor of. The lights would reduce the city’s energy costs and carbon footprint according to Councilman Brady.

An idea to regulate personal light pollution in neighborhoods and businesses is also a part of the ordinance.

“We’re also going to look at how light is put onto people’s houses. Out in the suburban part of the city people like to illuminate their houses at night,” said Councilman Brady. “We can come up with some creative ways to ensure that the pollution is not feeding into your neighbor’s house.”

Berta says that he wants the help of the city to have a better life for him and all his neighbors.

“Charleston is a beautiful area and it should be kept that way. People should be able to go out at night and see the stars. They should be able to know what the Milky Way looks like. At this time we can’t see it,” said Berta.