CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Officers with the Charleston Police Department (CPD) helped to save the life of a man who was threatening to jump from the North Bridge over the weekend.

Law enforcement officials from both CPD and the North Charleston Police Department responded to the North Bridge just after 5:30 p.m. on Saturday regarding a man who was sitting on the edge of the bridge and “looking as though he might jump.”

Three CPD officers, Darren Schlegel, Taylor Schwartz, and Kyle Skeels, found the man as he sat with his legs over the side.

“Officer Skeels tried to talk to the man, who appeared to be in crisis, but as more officers arrived, the man slid over the side of the bridge and stood on a small ledge,” said Sgt. Elisabeth Wolfsen, a spokesperson for CPD.

An additional officer, Sgt. Bryan Marcell arrived and began talking with the man – who officials said had been reluctant to speak with officers – but he was able to build trust and let the man know officers only wanted the help.

The man eventually came back over the railing to Sgt. Marcell as they talked. He was led to a nearby ambulance.

“Officer Skeels, a trained Crisis Intervention Team member, has now saved two lives with his ability to recognize an individual suffering from a mental health crisis,” said Sgt. Wolfsen.

Sergeant Marcell is both a Crisis Intervention Team member and a member of the CPD’s Crisis Negotiation Team.

“Our men and women dedicate their lives to helping others, especially those suffering from a mental health crisis. The officers worked through a difficult situation and utilized the crisis intervention training and skill they received to assist this person in getting the help they needed. These officers exemplify the values held by our agency and saved a life,” said Deputy Chief Dustin Thompson of their work to save the man.

Sgt. Wolfsen said the situation may have seen a different outcome without the “compassionate understanding of all officers involved.”