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Charleston PD celebrates first female member of the Explosive Devices Team

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) - The Charleston Police Department celebrates the first female member of its Explosive Devices Team.

Melissa Aubrey is a 5-year veteran with the police department, is currently a bomb apprentice with the Explosive Devices Team until she attends 6 weeks of training in Redstone, Alabama, according to spokesman Charles Francis.

The news release states that she's an apprentice with the unit, she can drive the EDT's vehicle to a scene and operate the robot, among other things.

"This is a great honor for me," Aubrey said. "I felt a renewed sense of purpose when I was selected to be a member of the Explosive Devices Team."

Being a member of an Explosive Devices Team isn't new to Aubrey, Francis added. She is currently a 14-year veteran of the United States Air Force and has been a certified Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician for the last 9-years.

"It takes a unique person to take on this hazardous duty and I believe I was born to do this job," she said.

Here are the characteristics of a Public Safety Bomb Techinician as outlined in the FBI National Guidelines for Bomb Technicians:

Practical- Exercises good judgement and decision making in current job performance evaluations.

Technically Oriented- Demonstates an interest and current participation in technical endeavors

Sociable-  Capable of working in small groups with active and effective interaction.

Curious- Demonstrates willingness to independently expand knowledge base and skill level.

Self-Confident- Current evaluations indicate dependability and conscientious performance.

Fairly Unconventional-  Current job performance demonstrates creative thinking within the rules rather than impulsive and rebellious behavior.

Technically Rational- Ability to assess a problem and apply a set of rational and logical steps in a high stress environment.

The Guidelines also state, "There is a significant correlation between psychological health/physical well-being and successful performance as a PSBT." Finally, the Guidelines explain that an effective PSBT is a risk taker, who assesses the unknown, relies on calculation, and innovates within organization rules based on experience and training. 


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