CHARLESTON, S.C . (WCBD)- This Charleston Police Department (CPD) has a new memorial to honor the officers who died in the line of duty.

The Memorial project, which started three years ago, was led by former police chief Luther Reynolds. CPD Captain Tony Cretella said Reynolds wanted a way to honor 24 officers who died while protecting the city.

“Chief Reynolds would be ecstatic that this did come to fruition before he passed. He could see the wall, but we weren’t properly able to dedicate, said Cretella.

The memorial was funded by the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support the Lens Foundation.

“Lens provides not only financial assistance but resources to us to help accomplish these goals that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish without their support and funding, said Captain Cretella.”

Officials said they hope the display will spread awareness about the daily sacrifices officers make in the community.

“This is a significant reminder to us, the ultimate sacrifice that we may have to make one day, and it is a way to show off what the fallen officers’ lives represent and that this community and the training classes that people attend get to see this memorial for them, said Cretella.”

The display is set to open Friday in the training room at CPD Headquarters (180 Lockwood Drive). Residents are asked to contact CPD to schedule a time to view the memorial.