CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston Police are investigating after a porch pirate was caught on camera striking not once, but twice within a few minutes in one downtown Charleston neighborhood.

“What we have on camera is the thief pulled up to the house, had a list in his hand, walked up, gathered everything up on the porch. Took him two trips, but it was broad daylight, two o’clock in the afternoon,” said Robert Dozier, whose packages were taken off his front porch.

Five packages were taken off Dozier’s front porch five minutes after Amazon dropped them off. He and his wife were inside the whole time.

“To have them stolen in broad daylight was a real shock to us,” said Dozier.

The couple has lived in the area for eight years, but it’s not the first time a thief has stolen packages from him.

“We had one incident earlier this year where actually some packages were on the couch behind me under pillows and somebody came and searched through those and took things,” said Dozier.

The online shoppers ordered cleaning supplies, household items, and part of an outfit for Oktoberfest.

As for their future orders… “A little nervous about ordering stuff, right? We’ve got a security camera, we’ve got the system if somebody tries to break-in, you know, there’s stuff we can do about that, but how do you protect just being able to order a package and have it on your porch for a couple of hours,” said Dozier.

The couple is now hoping their situation can serve as a tale of caution for others as they wait for the porch pirates to be caught and charged.

“It counts as petty theft, but it’s a real problem for people who live here,” said Dozier.

Police say it’s important to immediately file a report if your package gets stolen.