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City of Beaufort will have sandbag station's available

There is no guarantee of protection, but sandbags wall may help to reduce damage cause by flood waters.

Please consider these tips prior to beginning your sandbagging project.

  • Only fill ½ to 2/3’s of each bag.  Overfull bags are heavy and may not stack or compact well.
  • Place a tarp or plastic down and build the wall on top.  Pull excess plastic over the wall to create a solid surface to deflect running water and help reduce seepage.
  • Build a wide base.  A general rule is that the base should be at least as wide at the height.  Single stack bags rows should not be over 1 foot tall and no sand bag wall should be more than 4 feet tall.
  • Bags should be place in a staggered manner, like bricks in a wall, and tapped down firmly.  This will help to eliminate voids and failure.
  • Always attempt to leave a space between the structure and the sand bag wall.

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