City of Charleston and Army Corps of Engineers sign agreement for $3 million flood mitigation study

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- It’s a study Mayor John Tecklenburg is calling the “3×3”. It’s three years and $3 million of federal funding to study flood trends and possible solutions for the peninsula. The City of Charleston signed the agreement Wednesday with the Army Corps of Engineers.

It’s no secret, Charleston has a flooding problem and it’s not going away on its own.

Mayor Tecklenburg says, “We continue to see repetitive, extreme weather events. In addition to that we have the almost certain prospect of continuation of sea level rise.”

The Army Corps of Engineers is tasked with using the next three years to evaluate the problem and come up with practical solutions to fix it.

Lt. Col. Jeff Palazzini with the Army Corps of Engineers says, “The study encompasses flooding from the largest perspective. So we’ll look at all types of flooding. We’ll look at all types of options and then determine some solutions from there.”

The City of Charleston has conducted flood mitigation studies in the past and Mayor Tecklenburg says this one will build on that.

He says, “They will be taking a look at each and every aspect of what the city has done, is doing, and is already planning to do and will use that as a kind of baseline information about thinking about the future alternatives.”

At the end of the three year study funding for the solutions is not guaranteed, the city will have to go back to Congress and ask for it.

Mayor Tecklenburg says, “This is a project that addresses the situation and has the appropriate cost/benefit analysis, in other words it is a good deal for the taxpayer’s money. And once they make that report to Congress at the end of the study, then we will be able to, in quick order, ask Congress for the funds to proceed with those projects.”

He says the Army Corps of Engineers is looking for solutions that will resolve flooding in the city for the next 50 years.

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