DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The City of Charleston’s Parks Department has applied for a $12,000 grant through a national program to improve Hampstead Mall Park.

Located in the Eastside neighborhood, the park is the oldest public green space in the city.

A new irrigation system, landscaping efforts, and a wifi hotspot are a few of the additions that the city has proposed. Refurbished sidewalks and pathways is another item on the list.

Hampstead Mall Park is a popular hangout spot for people in the neighborhood.

“Parks are owned by everybody, right? They give you that opportunity to get out of doors, enjoy the urban landscape if you will,” said Jason Kronsberg, the Director of Parks for the city.

The park is split into four quadrants with Columbus Street running down the middle. One of the quadrants received updated landscaping and new playground equipment within the last few years and the city wants to take improvements even further and revitalize the rest of the area.

“The ultimate goal is to enhance them horticulturally, create some critical infrastructure for the students in the area, and give them a little bit of a landscape facelift if you will,” said Kronsberg.

The Parks Department believes these improvements will entice more people and businesses to come to the area bringing more jobs and curbing crime.

They’re waiting to hear about the status of their grant application to see if the changes will be possible.