HANAHAN, S.C. (WCBD) – William David Spurlock left a legacy of love for his community, former players, colleagues, friends, and family.

“He left a legacy worth following, he literally lived every moment of life deliberately and on purpose,” Pastpr and Coach’s nephew Adam Spurlock said.

Coach was a motivator, an innovator, a teacher, and a sounding board.

“He was so much to so many people, me included. Nobody likes to say bigger than life, but Dave was something to everybody. He touched so many lives like you saw today,” friend of Spurlock’s for 39 years Mitch White said.

White may have known his dear friend Dave for 39 years.

Former Hanahan HS running back Josh Shaw knew coach for just two. But for him it felt like an eternity.

“He was there every step of the way, through the weight rooms. All the training outside in them hot summer days. He was there the whole way, and you can’t ask for a better coach than that,” said Shaw.

Former players, colleagues, friends, and family are all better people because they knew Dave Spurlock

The former coach of the St. Andrews Rocks was a rock for his community.