CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Coach Edwards Jones always promised his players he would take them to see a professional sports game.

He founded the Concerned Citizens of Peninsula/Lowcountry and has been a coach for the City of Charleston Recreation Department for many years. He said the kids he coaches are typically from lower-income families who live in public housing and have never been given the opportunity to go to an NFL, NBA, or MLB game.

With the help of Executive Director of Coaches for Character Greg Blatt, Edwards was able to turn his promise into a reality.

“He said ‘coach I’ve got a chance to get you a hundred tickets to take some kids to see a full game,'” he said. “Immediately I was excited.”

Edwards and a team of volunteer coaches will travel one hundred kids from nine different Lowcountry schools to Charlotte, NC for an NBA game on Thursday.

“They always see it on TV or play it on a video game, but now they’re so excited they get a chance to go see the Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic play in person tomorrow.”