HAMPTON COUNTY, SC (WSAV) – One of Alex Murdaugh’s former law partners has filed a motion to stop the settlement between Maggie Murdaugh’s estate and the family of Mallory Beach.

John Parker of the Parker Law Firm, which was formerly PMPED, says Alex admitted in a “confession of judgment” he owed him $477,000.

John Parker of the Parker Law Firm

Parker believes he should get his money back “before” any other cash is paid out to the Beach family or any of the other passengers on the boat the night she died.

“When Maggie Murdaugh passed away on June 7, 2021, she had a will leaving her estate to Richard Alexander Murdaugh. The judgment at that time became a lien on the 1722 acres known as the Moselle Tract and as such the judgment has priority and it should be paid prior to any disbursement of funds.”

Last week the estate, as well as Connor Cook, Miley Altman, and Morgan Doughty, all passengers on the boat the night it crashed and Mallory died, had agreed to settle the civil lawsuit with the Beachs.

In that agreement legal fees would be paid, Buster Murdaugh would receive $530,000, Connor Cook would receive $100,000 and any remaining proceeds from the sale of Moselle, the Murdaugh family home and property would be given to the Beach family, Altman and Doughty.

“At the time he made the loan, Johnny Parker knew Alex Murdaugh, he was his law partner and assumed the risk of making the loan,” said Joe McCulloch, Connor Cook’s Attorney. “We think it fails his objection fails on standing but that is the decision of Judge Haldeman.”

There will be a hearing Thursday on this issue where the Judge could decide if John Parker’s claim is valid or not.