COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD)- The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office took thousands of dollars worth of drugs and more than a dozen firearms off the streets last year, the agency announced Wednesday.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies seized approximately $65,390 in drugs and 20 guns in 2022. The drug seizures included the following:

  • 33 grams of cocaine
  • 43 grams of methamphetamine
  • 2,180 grams of marijuana
  • 99 Schedule II narcotics pills
  • 312 MDMA pills
  • 57 grams of crack cocaine
  • 2 grams of heroin
  • 9 mushrooms
  • 39 grams of fentanyl
  • 40 fentanyl pills

The agency credited a proactive policing approach and noted that it increased traffic patrol in rural areas in the county and where residents reported concerns.

“Proactive policing is law enforcement preventing crime before it takes place,” Colleton County Sheriff’s Office said in a social media post. “The Colleton Sheriff’s Office initiates these efforts (traffic stops) to deter crime, reduce disorder, reduce citizens’ fear of crime, and address other areas of citizen concerns in specific areas in Colleton.”

To report suspicious activity, call the Colleton Sheriff’s Office at 843-549-2211.