COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – According to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), a Walterboro couple has been sentenced to federal prison for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

United States District Judge Bruce Howe Hendricks sentenced David Hiers, 45, to three years in prison while his wife, Loretta Hiers, 33, was sentenced to two years.

In May of 2019, a person identified as A.D. needed money to hire a lawyer for a jailed relative. A.D. was told to go to David Hiers for financial help.

After contacting David, A.D. was asked to provide personal identifying information (PII), including a picture of A.D.’s driver’s license and Social Security number.

David informed A.D. that his credit would go bad but not to worry because he knew how to fix it. In the meantime, Loretta assured A.D. that he would not get in trouble and everything would work out fine.

The Hiers then used A.D.’s PII to carry out a fake loan scheme.

 The couple secured funds from federally insured banks, credit unions, and other lending corporations by submitting fake automobile, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, and farming equipment loans in the name of A.D.

The Hiers obtained approximately $393,029.06 in fraudulent loans, said the DOJ.

They used Lowcountry Used Cars, LLC, a used car dealership that claimed to be the seller of vehicles that the couple purchased with the fake loans.

Checks from lenders were written to both Lowcountry Used Cars, LLC and A.D. The checks would then be deposited into bank accounts in the name of the used car dealership, the Hiers, or A.D.

A.D. would receive some of the loan money while the Heirs would keep the rest.

A.D. confronted David in July 2019, asking him to stop whatever he was doing. David cut off contact with A.D. while continuing with the fraudulent loan scheme.

Eventually, the loans began to default, which caused losses to the lenders. The FBI was notified and seized and liquified all assets applied to restitution regarding the case. $252, 369.31 remains owed in restitution.

Both David and Loretta Hiers have no possibility of parole. In addition, the end of both their prison time is to be followed by five-year terms of court-ordered supervision.

Judge Hendricks also ordered that David and Loretta Heirs be equally responsible for paying the restitution amount of $252,369.31.

The FBI investigated the case with the assistance of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office regarding executing search warrants and arrest warrants.