A special teacher at Sunshine House is marking a major milestone, fifty years in the classroom. Mrs. Rebecca Green is the News 2 Cool School Teacher of the Week.

For fifty years, Mrs. Rebecca Green has served as a teacher at Sunshine House. Five years at the Leeds location as a lead teacher.  Teachers, directors, and parents call her a ray of sunshine and she brightens the day for so many.  

“Ohhhh 50 years! I just celebrated my 50 years. I love it, and I love being around kids. Joining with the kids, loving the kids, and teaching the kids, and just seeing the growth in them. You got to come in with passion. You have to come in wanting to do what you do. Love what you do, and once you do that, my phrase is if you love what you do, it will work for you,” said Green.

Director Tricia Burgess says they’re thankful for Mrs. Green’s loving nature, positive attitude, and the way she motivates others.  “Ms. Rebecca is really the true meaning of a dedicated educator. She is thoughtful, kind, witty, and very trustworthy and dependable.”

Burgess says having her recognized as a Cool School Teacher means the world. “It really is a big thing. She deserves to have recognition for all of the years she dedicated to education, and nurturing children, and not only nurturing children but also nurturing her team, all of us every single day.  It means a great deal for us to see her honored in this way.”

Parent Whit Smith says Ms. Rebecca is like family.  “Fifty-year anniversary kind of speaks for itself.  That shows the level of dedication and loyalty.  You have to see it firsthand, but the love and the care she gives these kids are amazing to see. The Cool Teacher award is well deserved.  She can win that every year.  The Cool School Teacher award really describes her.  She’s as cool as a cat,” he said.

After 50 years of teaching, 70-year-old Green says she plans to keep going.  “This is what I’m here for.  God put me here on this earth to do this job, and doing this job is what I love.  I plan to keep going for seventy more years if the good Lord spares my life. That would be great.”

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