CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Officials are preparing ahead of potential weather storms coming across the Carolinas.

Crews have begun pretreating the roads and bridges, including the Ravenel Bridge, to prevent this from becoming a dangerous situation for drivers on the road.

SCDOT crews are laying salt or sand down to help with roadway conditions.

“This time we’re using pure salt. Salt brine will wash it away in advance of all this rain that we’ve got coming,” said Pete Poore, Director of Communications for DOT. “But we do use sand on the bridges and we just keep treating them with salt and let Mother Nature make salt work for us. We want people to stay off the roads if possible.”

More than 2,500 workers are staged across the state including contractors and wreckers to be able to treat and clear roadways as the storm moves through.

Officials say all 46 counties across the state are stocked with supplies like sand and salt to be able to continue to treat the roadways as conditions may worsen.

“Tonight, the crews in that area will be on 12-hour shifts around the clock to make sure everything stays open,” said Poore.

Officials ask that you give the crews space to work and if you do run into any issues on the roadways, call Highway Patrol.