CUFFING SEASON: Why now is the time to ‘couple up’ as the holidays approach

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – We are officially in “cuffing season.” It’s a pop-culture term describing the period from October to March when people couple up.

Why and how are locals finding love during peak cuffing season in the Lowcountry?

Perhaps you’re experiencing this now; a deep longing for someone special to cuddle up to and stroll through town hand-in-hand.

People across the nation admit to feeling this way when the weather gets brisk and the leaves begin to fall.

Locals say it’s well underway here in the Lowcountry.

“That idea that you just want to cuddle up next to the fire and be warm and drink hot chocolate — I think that ideal is something that everybody really does long for.”

That yearning for romantic connection arising in the colder months; cuffing season runs until spring brings the heat back.

 “You know just to survive through the winter, being next to someone physically and emotionally,” said local resident C.J. Ulm.

But why do we crave intimacy and relationships more during cuffing season than other times of the year? Relationship therapist Jessica Gregg says the term is new – the feeling isn’t.

“We have a longing to have someone safe and secure to be with and that is primed when we are inside when it’s dark when historically, it’s cold and scary outside. That when it’s most heightened how much we want that in our life.” 

And with holidays approaching, people want someone to make memories with and to help them avoid those nagging questions from family “are you ever going to get married?”… “are grandkids on the way?”

Singles say having a significant other makes sense this time of year.

“There’s more fun activities to do in the winter like build gingerbread houses or go pumpkin picking. So I think that’s one reason people use the term cuffing season and want to find a relationship when it gets colder,” said Eileen Collins, a local resident.

Many of the locals I spoke with say they are using dating apps to meet people but don’t write off meeting that special someone the old-fashioned way.

Maybe you wouldn’t normally say hi to the cutie you see on King Street, but take a chance, because it’s cuffing season and they’re probably wishing for someone just like you.

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