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CHARLESTON, S.C (WCBD) — Many people suffering from allergies will decide to treat themselves through the use of over-the-counter treatments, or nasal steroids. For symptoms that are more severe, others will seek expert care. While both can be effective there are still many myths about allergies that may make treatment more difficult or prolonged.


  • The yellow pollen that I see on my car and clothes is making me sick.

Dr. Meredith Moore at Charleston Allergy and Asthma says that is actually false. She says, “The pollen that we see on the car is actually larger pollen so that we can see with our eyes, but the pollen that causes the symptoms in our eyes, and in our nose, in our throat, and inside our eyes actually has to be smaller to filter through our nose.”

It’s the pollen that you can’t see that is the problem.

  • Flowers are the cause of my allergies.

Dr. Moore says that those beautiful blooms aren’t typically the cause of most springtime allergies. “The flowers out blooming are not what’s causing our allergies. The flowers are out blooming at the same time that the trees and the grasses are that are actually airborne and getting into our eyes and noses and causing symptoms.”

  • I didn’t have allergies as a kid so I’m probably not allergic now.

This is also false. Allergies can develop at any age, particularly if you are “You can develop allergies at any time at any age,” says Dr. Moore. “There are peaks where we see more new allergies develop, in childhood and then again in early adulthood, but people can develop allergies at any age”

  • Eating local honey helps build my immunity because I’m getting small doses of local pollen.

Many allergist disagree because there is no way of verifying that the pollen you are allergic to is present in your honey.” Dr. Moore says.

“Many people want to avoid medication use and look at natural alternatives, which is very reasonable. The problem with honey is that it doesn’t have the small airborne pollens that are causing people’s symptoms. It is mostly made up of flower pollens that are larger and not the typical cause of allergy symptoms.”

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