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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – All week long we’re highlighting dirty jobs in the Lowcountry and how they help the community.

News 2 met up with Kyle Coker, the owner of the biggest pooper scooper company in Charleston. It’s called DoodyCalls and it helps manage pet waste in the Lowcountry.

From small residential yards to big communities, Coker says when nature calls, DoodyCalls answers. He explains, “We’ve (the company) have had a couple of people get disgusted by the position but I reassure them that poop pays our bills and we’re quite happy about it”.

Coker and his team service roughly 150 communities in a week—some customer’s get their yards clean twice a month and others do it three times per week.

DoodyCalls explains the service is necessary because dog waste isn’t environmentally friendly, “It is really bad for the environment because of their diet. If they run-off gets down into our water system it can infect all the drinking water and harbor water”.

On a typical day, The company uses roughly 1200 gallons of water and100 gallons of deodorizer. In addition to picking up dog waste, they are also responsible for cleaning out pet waste stations in the community and cleaning up after horses that have a miss or spill. Coker explains, “The deodorizer is mainly used for downtown, we deodorize the streets after urine spills. Downtown kind of has a scent about it and we try and eliminate that scent as best as possible”.

And DoodyCalls says their services are a big saver.

“If you want to spend time with your kids or enjoy weekends or head to the beach and not have to worry about picking up after your dog or your kid stepping in waste. The biggest benefit is having extra free time you need”.

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