DIY crafts: Learning with Jenga

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – I have long opined that Jenga is the ultimate game.

The rules are simple, but it requires strategy, agility, patience, and critical execution. It is relatively portable and can be played anywhere there is a flat surface. It can accommodate as many or as few (yes, I have played alone, it’s called practice) players as you want. It is fun for all ages. It is in a word, fantastic.

As more and more stay at home orders are issued, parents are becoming teachers, entertainers, and playmates. Jenga can help.

You will need:

Using the blocks, you can create a fun way to practice math problems, exercises, vocabulary words, and more. Writing on tape instead of directly on the blocks keeps the blocks blank so that you can use the same set for multiple subjects.

You can choose to include all of the blocks or leave some blocks blank. If you have little brothers or sisters who are too young to fully participate, try letting them be the “stackers” who place blocks back on top of the tower after they are pulled out.

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