CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Leaders with Dockside Condominiums are working to address structural concerns within the building including whether the building can withstand extraordinary loading conditions.

It comes after Charleston city leaders sent a letter to Dockside’s board of directors back in February asking them to correct several problems with the building – one of which was whether the building could withstand an emergency.

According to the letter, the board hired an engineering consultant who determined last May, that dozens of columns need shoring. It also said only limited shoring was installed, despite directions from the engineers.

The city gave Dockside until March 27 to submit a report on the integrity of the building during a fire or another type of emergency situation.

News 2 obtained that preliminary report.

Fire protection engineers were asked to analyze any structural effects to the building in case of an emergency – like a fire – with a significant number of first responders.

According to a statement from the president of Dockside’s Board of Directors, engineers ultimately found the building would “safely support the weight of firefighters, equipment, and water in the event of an emergency.”

In response to the report, the Charleston Fire Department’s Chief Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh said, “Although numerous variables may impact a specific incident and the response, it appears that your team has established a reasonable approach in the preliminary report.  Please proceed with this approach in your final report.”