Doctors are already seeing flu cases in the Lowcountry

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Students went back to school just a couple weeks ago and it was around that time doctors started to see confirmed flu cases in the Lowcountry.

Roper St. Francis Express Care Physician, Dr. Marion Cooper, says, “As more people come together, any type of infectious disease is going to present itself more commonly.”

The flu has more symptoms than a bad cold.

Dr. Cooper says, “You may have a runny nose, you may have a cough, you may have some congestion. But, you’ll also have things like a headache, a high fever like 101.5-102 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll have achiness, some folks will have low back pain, some folks will have nausea.”

He says doctors in the area are seeing about the same amount of cases as usual this time of year, but it’s impossible to predict how severe the season will be.

Dr. Cooper says, “The whole thing about flu season and flu vaccination is it’s everyone’s best guess basically trying to see which kinds of flu to vaccinate against.”

He says the best way to avoid the flu is by practicing good hygiene, like washing hands, and getting the flu vaccine. The vaccine arrived at Roper St. Francis Express Care on Wednesday and doctors recommend people get one soon before flu season picks up.

Dr. Cooper says, “Last year we were seeing a lot of cases as early as October.”

If you think you have the flu, stopping by your doctor’s office could help you feel better faster.

Dr. Cooper says, “Getting an antiviral will help your symptoms. It does not heal the flu, but it cuts down on the length of time that you have the flu and also cuts down on the severity of the case of your flu.”

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