CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Doctors expect to see an increase in illnesses during the summer season.

Dr. Valerie Scott with Roper St. Francis Healthcare said viruses tend to peak this time of year; she said the hospital is already seeing more cold cases and COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Scott also noted that there is a new booster shot for COVID that they are recommending and expressed the importance of following basic hygiene rules to stay healthy.

“You treat them all the same, and the treatment is rest and supportive care. I can’t stress that enough because, in my experience working in urgent care, is that people will come in and say, “I just need a Z-Pak” and honestly, that is the worst thing we can do as providers,” she said.

Dr. Scott said giving too many Z-Paks can cause viruses to mutate into more resistant versions of the same illness.