Dominion Energy warns about a rise in scams during the holiday season

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Dominion Energy is warning about a scam that is targeting its customers.

Carol Campbell, who is a Dominion customer, reached out to News 2 after she was contacted by the scammers.

“It sounded very official, it said ‘this is Dominion Energy and we’re calling because your past due on your power bill and in 33 minutes we will cut your power off,’” she explained.

Campbell said she received the call early Friday morning and immediately called News 2 saying she was really concerned.

“I went running for the bill. I had to find it in this bedroom and it’s a bank draft, so I don’t really pay the bill officially they just take it out of my bank account,” she said.

An automated message could be heard on the phone.

“’Would you like to pay make a payment if so press one,’” she recalled. “So, I pressed one and a man came on the phone and said, ‘may I have the pleasure of getting your name please?’ I said if you called me you should know my name. And I got a dial tone.”

Then she called Dominion.

“She said ‘I’m so sorry about this. I just took a call from a lady who gave them permission to charge $100 on her credit card to get her bill up-to-date and when she hung up she knew she had made a mistake she called us and we told her it was a scam.”

Paul Fischer, a spokesman for Dominion Energy, said a number of people are being conned by these scam artists.

“During the holidays and as the holidays approach, these scammers are relentless and doing whatever they can to defraud our customers out of their hard-earned money,” said Fischer.

He said the typical signs of the scam involves a phone call demanding immediate payments from Dominion Energy. “We never call to demand immediate payment,” said Fischer.

Their suggestion is just hanging up the phone.

“I did not get scammed but another lady did, so I just hope that everyone will be alert,” she said.

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