NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Scammers are working hard to steal your money. That is why Dominion Energy is warning its customers about a scam that is making the rounds across the Lowcountry.

Some people across the area say they’ve been called by scammers claiming to be with Dominion Energy. They say if you don’t pay your bill immediately, they’re going to shut your power off.

“Utility scams are a problem that our industry faces, not just here in South Carolina, but really all across the nation,” said Dominion Energy SC spokesman, Paul Fischer.

One man posted a scam warning he received online over the weekend, saying he had been called by someone that was claiming to be from Dominion threatening to shut off his power in 30 minutes. Other people quickly replied that they received similar calls.

“These scams really come in cycles all throughout the year,” said Fischer. “We want our customers to be vigilant year-round.”

Even if you are not a Dominion Energy customer, you might receive one of these calls. But there are some warning signs to look for:

“Aggressive tactics, threatening immediate disconnection, also demanding immediate payment through some type of prepaid card or credit card. That is simply not how Dominion does business,” he said.

Even if you are behind on your electric bill, you will not get a call demanding immediate payment.

“We’re going to notify customers properly before any type of action we take on their account,” Fischer said. “We have a number of different ways for them to work through any type of problem they might have paid their bill. So, in terms of payment options, we have a variety of those available to our customers.”

This scam is simple to know if it’s legit or not.

“If a customer receives a call like that, even if the phone may read on the caller ID that it’s from Dominion Energy demanding immediate payment or asking for a prepaid card or credit card to stop and immediate disconnect, hang up – it’s a scam.”

One way they say you can quickly verify your account status is to simply download the Dominion Energy app on your phone.