SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – This afternoon, Summerville Medical Center was able to collect blood donations from locals while social distancing.

This afternoon, the hospital informed News Two that they had a very small supply of blood for transfusions and emergencies.

Because of the current pandemic, they say there’s been a lack of donors due to everyone trying their best to stay home and away from others.

With help from The American Red Cross, donors gave their samples to the hospital while inside a large bus parked outside.

Today, the donation center on wheels known as a “Blood Mobile” was able to maintain guidelines for social distancing by permitting two donors at a time inside.

Before donors were able to give their blood, staff with the Red Cross had taken temperatures and evaluated people through survey questions related to COVID-19.

Anyone who was not feeling well was kindly asked to postpone their donations for the sake of the staff, recipients of blood, and other doners.

This afternoon, we asked The Red Cross about how safe giving blood was for donors and recipients of blood.

We also asked what they would do in a situation where the donor came down with symptoms or Coronavirus after giving blood.

The Red Cross told us that right now no data suggests the virus can be transmitted through blood.

They also told News Two, if a patient became sick with symptoms of the virus or had gotten it, they’d be asked to call The Red Cross so that their donation could be located, quarantine and thrown out just in case.

At this time, the American Red Cross is asking healthy people to donate blood as well so that hospitals can have a sufficient and necessary supply of blood samples.

“We know that this crisis isn’t over. There are a lot of uncertainties surrounding this coronavirus outbreak and we are going to need doners to give blood and platelets in the days and weeks to come to sustain the blood supply for as long as this pandemic goes on,” says Maya Franklin with the American Red Cross.

If you’d like to donate your blood or if you have concerns about donating during this pandemic, you can click the link here.