Dorchester County Council Members hold final vote to amend school district budget

Dorchester County News

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – Tonight, a final vote took place to amend the Dorchester County School District Two Budget.

Following a motion of 6-0, the 1% increase in salary was approved by council members.

According to the Superintendent DD2, the additional funds will allow the county to compete with pay scales of other counties.

An additional 1.1 million dollars will be included in this new amended budget.

Supporters believe this raise in salary will improve the quality of education in the school district.

Funds for this amended budget will be allocated through businesses in the county.

This process has been ongoing since 2007 and allows property taxes for school operation to be levied on businesses.

Since 2007,  A statewide act has allowed property taxes for school operation to be levied on businesses.

Also included in this statewide are  residences that are rented out or secondary residences.

“If I have a second home that I’m renting out, you would pay school operating taxes. If I’m a business owner whether it’s a convenience store, a Sam’s Club, a Walmart what have you, I pay the property taxes for the school district ,” says Daniel Prentice, Dorchester County, Chief Financial Officer.

Council members say that they will be working with the school district to fairly balance the need for new businesses and the needs of the schools.

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