DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Law enforcement spent much of the day cracking down on traffic violations in areas across northern Dorchester County.

Residents like Jerry Igou said he loves the little town of Dorchester. “Been living here 72 years,” he said.

“It’s just a nice little town. People [are] pretty friendly, you know. We got a few people that’s a little rowdy around here, but most of the time they are pretty good people — it’s just a small town, nobody aggravates you,” Igou added.

One of the few problems is the increasing traffic – and often dangerous driving that comes with roads near the small town.

“We have a lot of traffic issues with these mostly kids from the school down here, the career center down here,” he said. “They got all these loud mufflers on their trucks and cars and a jacked up in the front.”

He said sometimes they come through at about 100 mph. And then there are the larger trucks.

“We got 10-12 of these land, not landfill, but sand pits around here and these trucks are on the road and they’re running a lot faster than they should,” he said.

More people are driving faster due to more people living in the area.

“We called the law a few times on them. We don’t get no answers from it.”

After hearing from several people who live in northern Dorchester County, the law showed up in a big way.

“We are moving from place to place and set up checkpoints. We’ve got South Carolina Highway Patrol, South Carolina State Transport Police, and also our code enforcement,” said Lt. Rick Carson with the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office of Tuesday’s operation.

Lt. Carson said they’ve also been dealing with debris coming from trucks on the roads.

Between 14 and 20 officers took part in the county’s zero-tolerance initiative.

Igou said he was glad to see that but he’s still worried about what might happen if people keep driving recklessly.

“We keep our grandchildren out of the road, but I mean, I’m just scared somebody’s gonna get hurt or they gonna hurt their self.”

While Tuesday’s initiative ended at 4 o’clock, the sheriff’s office said they will continue to do their standard enforcement of traffic laws into the future.